Workshops Offered

  • Desk Health 

In this digital world its hard to stay away from the computer. Spending hours at your desk leaves you feeling stiff and prone to injuries. 

I would like to help give you the tools and provide businesses the information to help their employees stay healthy and fit longer. 

  • Mobility for Golfers

Want to see even more improvements in your swing? Want more freedom through your swing?

Golf requires large range of movement through shoulders hips and spine. Increases in these ranges will lead to increases in the power in your swing.

  • Mobility for Athletes and Gym junkies

Teach you how to self asses your movement. Increase range of motion AND develop usable strength through those ranges. Just like every other element of your fitness you should be challenging and programming your mobility into your schedule. 

  • Take Control of your Low back Pain

Lower back pain is very prevalent in western countries. Instead of waiting for the pain to arise why not take steps to avoid it happening? You will learn skills and techniques to help prevent your low back pain. 

  • Pilates & Mobility for Yoga 

With yoga growing in popularity there is a huge number and variety of participants. Learn how to make your physical asana practice safer, and prevent injuries so you can continue what you love.