Exercise is Medicine, Movement is Life


"Exercise is medicine, movement is life" sums up my philosophy. 

I wish I coined the term. Legend surfer and snowboarder Gerry Lopez shared the phrase in a short documentary about living in Bend, one of those dreamy places where you have mountains and oceans within reach daily.

Just like Gerry I thought, damn that's right on. Exercise is medicine. Movement is life. 

I have been lucky to see first hand how a lot of peoples lives improve from movement. Movement is life because we were created to move. We were once hunters and gatherers, moving constantly. Now in more recent times becoming more sedentary, and consequently increases in lower back pain, obesity, diabetes, and heart conditions. 

I believe there are some health problems that can be helped and/or cured with a little bit of exercise and movement daily.  And there are researchers out there trying to prove it. Dr.  Tarnopolsky and and his team are focused on using science to  prove the long term benefits of exercise including, but not limited to: slower aging, better mood, less chronic pain, stronger vision. (read more about it here

“As time goes on, paper after paper after paper shows that the most effective, potent way that we can improve quality of life and duration of life is exercise.”


Almost anyone you ask will be able to express some of the benefits of exercise they feel including better mood, decreased anxiety, increased energy, less pain & better sleep. Studies, where blood work is taken. also show these same positive changes.

 The feeling of bliss or euphoric after exercise is commonly described as the"Runners high". Endorphin's were thought to be the reasoning behind this. Interestingly, more recent studies seem to be finding that the brains endocannabonid system plays an equally important a role. The bodies natural cannabonoids and produce a similar high effect as induced cannabiods, like the ones found in cannibis/marajuana. So you do get a natural high! 

“ If there were a drug that could do for human health everything that exercise can, it would likely be the most valuable pharmaceutical ever developed”. 
— Dr Tarnopolsky

 Exercise is not just to loose calories, that is actually way down the list of reasons why I exercise. I find joy in exercise because I am conscious to all these positive changes, I can feel them. 

Move your body everyday and it will Thank-you.


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