Do your practice and all is coming.



 Work gets rewards. 

No long term fixes are achieved in the short term. No mastery happens over night whether it be physical skills; yoga poses, sport specific movements or mental skills; concentration, meditating . It takes time. 

We live in a world where everyone is looking for a quick fix, marketing is defiantly making matters worse. From pain killers to detox pills to ab machines and all sorts of cosmetic "fixes" that I have no idea about. Some people begin to believe that everything should happen in an instant. 

Over time we create habits because it takes time to create those habits it takes time and effort to create new ones.

 We are what we consistently do.

If you are sitting slouched over a desk with your upper spine in constant flexion, for up to 8 hours a day your body gets very accustomed to that position, it becomes comfortable. You stretch for 2 minutes when you go to the gym, which position do you think you will revert back to? But with consistent practice and conscious effort, you can start to make changes. Your nervous system will start to recognize these positions you're putting your body into.  The change may not happen immediately. This is when you need to remind yourself -

Practice, all is coming. 

To stay consistent in your practice it may help to: 

  • Set an end goal,  then break it down into smaller goals or stepping stones. 
  • Recognize small achievements. 
  • CELEBRATE small successes
  • Learn to enjoy and appreciate the process. 

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