Leave & Learn

I am 2 weeks out from moving to Singapore, this is not the first time I have picked up and moved but, this is the first time I have sat down and reflected on my whole decision-making process.  I took the time to think about how I am feeling.  I am thinking about what mantras and quotes repeat through my head during my self-talk (yep, I talk to myself). I have been thinking back to other times when I have made more life influencing decisions, and this is what I have learned:

#1 Follow your heart/ trust your gut.

When making any decisions, it is natural to think about it continually; there are always hundreds of "how's?" "maybes..." and "what ifs?". I thought back to the moment when the opportunity was first presented, and my initial reaction was to say "yes!" because those thoughts had not entered my mind yet. Then when you have more time, the thoughts start to creep in and influence the decision. I had to stop and ask myself "what if none of these barriers existed what would you do?", And sometimes you have to take that chance and forget the what ifs. When I was alone and quiet that is when I would get that funny feeling of excitement in my gut like the night before going to a theme park. I finally told one of my best friends on the phone, when she said she could hear in my voice that I had the biggest smile on my face that is when I knew I was following my heart.

#2 Filter through the opinions and comments of others.

Once you have let the cat out of the bag everyone is going to throw their 2 cents in. (yep that sounds like something my grandpa would say, but I like it). Be prepared for judgement, lectures, and stories. You can't just ignore all of the comments, in reality, some may be very helpful. A few remarks can be constructive some people will give you tips, share similar experiences and genuinely be happy and excited for you.  When I do start to get too caught up in the comments and judgment of others, I always think of what my dad use to say "Whats the worst that can happen?" which reminds you to take the chance if it's still in your heart.

#3 Patience.

Well defiantly haven't quite mastered this one yet. Sometimes it 's hard to make these decisions but once I have made it. The countdown begins, and I start to get excited. I was regretting my decision to book my flight when I did, and thinking that I should have left earlier. I had time I to think I would get nervous and doubt I had made the right decision. I was getting anxious about it and just wanted it to happen already so that the new experience would start. You have just to take a deep breath and trust the process.

Which brings me to my next point.

#4 Living in the NOW

The reason I put off my departure was to spend more time with my friends and family before I left. Today when I was feeling a little lost I realized,  I was so focused on what was ahead of me that I wasn't making the most of the time that I had with some of my most favorite people.  What is meant to happen will happen. Rather than concentrating on what was ahead of me and counting down the time. I changed my focus to what was going on in front of me. Was Appreciating the special moments, I am having now.

Which brings me to my last lesson.

# 5 Saltwater cures ALL

Sweat, tears or the ocean, always makes me feel better.  My friends know that my emotions often come out of my eyes, no shame in it so shed a little tear if you need to. I was lucky enough to spend my last few months living by the ocean. Running and yoga on the beach would always help me clear my head. There are not many things that are as pleasurable as floating in the warm Australian ocean.

If crying and salt water isn't for you, then find your bliss, something that can help you switch off your mind.