Goals on the Mind?

I never used to set conscious goals, I liked to just think I would always go with the flow. I used to say if you never have a plan you cannot be disappointed. 
Now I think, can you really be fulfilled if you don't know exactly what you want? 

The first thing that made me think about writing some goals down was a book called100 things, written by  Sebastian Terry. An Aussie who recalls his journey to tick off 100 bucket list items. Some of his “things" just requiring balls, like skydiving naked. Some more complex and requires a lot of time and planning, like delivering a baby. As he moved through the list in no particular order that sometimes things would just unexpectedly fall in to place to lead him to complete the next goal. 

Brian Tracey says. 
“If you write down your goals, even if your not CONSCIOUSLY working towards them, your SUBconscious mind will be” 

My induction at Lululemon included listening to the Brian Tracey audiobook, "GOALS: How to get everything you want faster than you ever thought possible". I had to complete all the goal setting tasks.  
That's the first time I really wrote down some well thought out goals for 1 year, 5 year and 10 years. And I was very motivated….. for the first week. Then I threw the paper in the drawer and didn't think about it. 

Over a year later when cleaning out my room to head back to Australia. I found the list and couldn't even remember the goals I had written. I had had 3 goals for 1 year. 
Work goal was to teach a specific number of classes and clients per week (which at the time I thought was too ambitious) DONE. 
Research all yoga teacher training and decide what to do DONE. I was 1 week from finishing my yoga teacher training. 
And the other, I can't remember but I know I had also completed it.

Wow maybe what Brian was saying was right, my subconscious mind and maybe a little help from the universe were working towards those goals even if I wasn't thinking about it. 

Since then I have always written goals down, short term and long term. 
I like to break my goals up into categories: work, health, lifestyle, and extreme and a little obscure. 
I also often reassess my goals as my thoughts,  opinions, and things in my life change. 

If you want to chat about where you should start, or if you want someone to say your goals out loud to contact me.