Crosstown Fitness: 

Two Locations in Chicago one in the Westloop and Halsted street.  I teach two styles of classes. 

Total Body Classes: Classes are a 50 minute workout incorporating strength and endurance exercises to challenge you differently every day. Classes include interval cardiovascular routines, mobility and strength training. Open to all fitness levels, this class puts first-timers and fitness die hards side by side to make progress at their own level, together in one community.

Total Body Mobility -  A more slow paced class to help you learn more about your body and your ranges of motion. Using foam rollers, lascrosse balls and stretches to get your body feeling more free and ready for movement. 


Pilates Mat work class focusing on core engagement, postural strengthening, & controlled movement.  I create my own sequences using the Pilates principals to get you to move in a whole new way. I also add some funky music. If your a SOHO house member from anywhere in the world, would love to see you in class soon. 

On your mark coaching and training

Situated in the Westloop in Chicago. On your mark is small group training and one on one. Their training encompass their core values. Function, Endurance, Athleticism & recovery. 

They have a wide variety of classes. I teach a Metcon, Absolute strength, F core and Enhanced Mobility.